Usana Proflavanol® C100 葡萄籽精華® C100
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The USANA Difference
This great formula helps your body support a balanced immune system. Using USANA’s innovative Nutritional Hybrid Technology, Proflavanol® C100 combines grape-seed extract and vitamin C to give you two great ingredients in a single tablet.


Health Benefits

  • Contains a combination of high-quality grape seed extract with the free-radical quenching power of USANA’s Poly C® blend to raise levels of vitamin C for longer periods of time
  • Grape seed extract works perfectly with vitamin C to protect cells and enhance your body’s normal immune function
  • Protects cells against damaging oxidative stress using grape seed extract
  • Clinically shown to support circulatory and cardiovascular health
  • Helps to retain healthy, normal cholesterol levels



  • 結合了最優質的葡萄籽萃取物和USANA礦物維生素C®清除自由基的能力,提高長時間的維生素C濃度
  • 提供強力抗氧化保護,幫助您維持健康
  • 葡萄籽萃取物和維生素C共同作用,保護細胞並增強您身體的正常免疫功能
  • 使用葡萄籽萃取物保護細胞免受氧化壓力的傷害
  • 顯示能維護血液循環和心血管健康
  • 有助於保持健康且正常的膽固醇濃度

**美國專利申請案號13/213,313 及 13/196,390




What's in the box
Proflavanol® C100 (56 Tablets) x 1
 葡萄籽精華®C100 (56 粒)x 1