Memberships 会员详情 members are free to apply to all customers, become our members receive the following special benefits:

  1. Receive a RM100 coupon immediately after becoming a member (only valid to use for purchase above RM500)
  2. Provide membership reward points, you can redeem 1 point for every RM1 spent, and you can redeem the products in the online store after accumulating a certain number of points.
  3. Each purchase of RM500 or more products can get 15% rebate coupon for next purchase (Unlimited total price)
  4. Accumulated membership points reaching 10,000 points, can be exchanged for 30% product rebate gift coupon (Unlimited total price)


Payment selection details:

Customers can choose to pay directly, or use the top-up credit to member account to purchase high-quality products.

You will get more bonus by using the top-up method:

  1. Top-up RM5,000 + 5% and priority purchase of hot products
  2. Top-up RM10,000 + 10% and first priority purchase of hot-selling products
  3. Top-up RM15,000 + 15% and high priority purchase hot products


  • E.g: Top-up RM10,000 and you will get total of RM11,000 in the top-up credit in account.
  • If the member wants to retrieve back the top-up value after recharge, they need to contact within 7 working days from the date of top-up and the refund will made within 7 working days.
  • Caution⚠️After 7 days the top-up value shall not able to retrieve back and only can use in the online store purchase.



  1. 成为会员马上领取RM100优惠卷(只供消费RM500以上使用)
  2. 提供会员积分,每消费RM1可获得1分,累积到一定的分数就能兑换站内产品。
  3. 每次购买RM500以上产品就能获取15%的回扣券供下次购物使用(无限制总合价钱)
  4. 累计会员积分达到10000分,将可兑换30%产品回扣礼券(无限制总合价钱)





  1. Top-up RM5,000 + 5% 优先采购热销产品
  2. RM10,000 + 10% 一级优先采购热销产品
  3. Top Up RM15,000 + 15% 高级优先采购热销产品
  • 列子:如您选择Top Up RM10,000 即刻得到RM11,000 购物金额在您的会员充值户口中。
  • 会员充值后想索回充值数额,需在充值日期的7天内联系BossMaxx.com以索回充值数额。BossMaxx.com的管理员将会在7个工作日以内完成您的退款事宜。
  • 注意⚠️充值数额在充值日以后7天将不被允许索回,而只能在BossMaxx.com购物官网完全消费。